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10-Nov-2017 21:53

At a deeper level, sufferers can experience chronic insecurity about their relationships with others, hypersensitivity to criticism, or fears of being rejected by others.

Many people can go through this kind of experience during adolescence, but for SA'ers the problems can persist well beyond those years.

Social Networking sites have always opened the gates of debates among users and non users. Need of social networking sites: Social networking is fundamentally shifting the way we interact, communicate, organize, form opinions, and even shop.

Its blurring boundaries, increasing transparency and creating fluidity in everything we do.

Some examples of popular social networking sites: Facebook is a social networking site that allows people to communicate with their friends and exchange information.

In May 2007 Facebook launched the Facebook Platform which provides a framework for developers to create applications.

'Regular' social anxiety is known to all of us as an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness.

Many people have particular worries about social situations like public speaking or talking to authority figures, or experience more general feelings of shyness or a lack of confidence.

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Much useful information is contained both on this website and in the forums, and support is available from the Forum and Chatrooms, please take your time to explore everything that the SAUK organisation can offer you.My conclusion is that Whole social networks are good and it should be used with intelligence…We value your suggestions feel free to comment below in the comment box.

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